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Economy as Social Growth’s Science
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Article published on 22 August 2018
last modification on 4 December 2022

by Matthieu Giroux

Defining capital

Our Capital is the Earth. Chinese, Russians, Indians, Brazil and South Africa access to Capital Moon and Mars. We can possess Capital March only weakly.

We must make maximum space using for our survival and our future.

Defining value

The book "Robinson Crusoe" is transformed into a Common Good, looking for the meaning of the word Value.

We learn in this book that Value is due to resistance to getting something.

The sophists who want to create Value, with a monetary objective of course, are saying that it creates poverty.

To be rich

We define the chief of an enterprise positively as being the one who historically allows us to favor the Association in our Society.
To be rich is to be useful. But it’s above all the ability to know how to use that you have.

Defining Money

Money is seen as the power of the money. This power consists in favoring the Association through Appropriation.

Brazil and the 30 glorious ones define the capacity to a country to become rich, having on money a Productive and Public Power, therefore lead by Citizens. This is Money Making, defining the Money as useful.

Defining Trade

Commerce is understood by many as the ability to create wealth in order to be paid for that.

Trade grows by the Economy of Work and Association. The Glorious Industries of the glorious 30 organized their own Trade by Train.

The General Interest

The General Interest is a consistent set of Individual Interests. It even allows to create new Rights, while Philosophizing about the Common Good.
Machiavelli succeeded in explaining the General Interest, awakening Citizenship by the Common Good.

Defining Traffic

Traffic is the power to individualize trades. So it increases prices and intermediaries. It decreases on production, by the Quality / Price Report.
Trafficking impoverishes the Earth and transforms the Human into a Human Resource.

The Human Society

The Human Society has historically linked more and more elements with each others, thanks to and for the Work’s Saving.
The beginning of the Human Economy was using biomass. Fire has kept food longer. Thorium permits to green the deserts.
History of Social Security

Social Security, permitted by the Labor Economy, comes down from the Public Profit of some French’s kings.

In the nineteenth, The Familistère de Guise created the first Corporate Social Insurance.

The handicapped of the two wars influenced frenchies to become citizens, to defend the Social Security law, determined by the National Resistance‘s Council.


Colbertism, under Louis XIV and a little after Louis XVI, was one of the French works that helped to promote Linking and creating wealth, after a financial household.
It is more important to create wealth than to find a job. The brilliant technician is the recent and historic French wealth.

The French Revolution took place before 1789.

The paradox

It is easy to contradict monetary liberalism.
Liberalism settles because it individualizes the individual. To arrive at this end, this Doctrine makes believe that the individual does the Society.
But it is the Society that makes the Individual. Our Individuality was created by our education. We understand each other only by our Sociability, our Politics, then our Citizenship.

The Game Theory

We can believe that the Game Theory is interesting, because it allows to anticipate according to others.
With this Theory, one can not guess a competing company that sees in the long view, unless destroying it by the short view.


The scientific discovery drives every citizen to question himself in order to raise awareness. It is impossible, for a long time, to create a souled robot with only software electronics, whether advanced or not. On the other hand, robotization allows to automate society.
The researchers and theologians push us in 2015 to philosophize on Genius and Life Rights.

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