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Article published on 20 August 2018

by Matthieu Giroux
Word Definition
Food industry Food production with agriculture.
Agrofuel Fuel from agriculture.
Alloy Combination of different materials, to enhance the strength or other properties
Axiom Truth about nature.
Atom An atom is what makes it possible to compose chemical bodies. It was thought that the atom could not be cut. We realized after that the atom was composed of a nucleus with protons, with around clouds of electrons.
Commerce Decrease in price differences by commercial competition and major works.
Accounting Account management of a company.
Confucius Ancient Chinese philosopher.
Demography Quantitative studies on the population.
Ellipse Elongated circle.
Empire Power on a number of countries, including the master country.
Energy Ability to produce a job. Energy is measured in joules.
Slavery Use of unpaid workers. Slavery is due to the traffic.
Experience Test in real condition, to verify hypotheses.
Nuclear fission Consists to break atoms to get energy.
Working capital Monetary surplus to finance sustainable jobs.
Nuclear fusion Creating an atom from two to get a lot of energy.
Great Works Infrastructure works planned over a large number of years.
Hypothesis Unverified proposal or explanation.
Industry Factory producing series products in an automated way.
Infrastructure Routes of communication of goods or persons within a country.
Isotopes Atoms having the same core, but not the same outer surface.
Machine tool Machine to perform a production task in an automated way.
Job Activity to perform a job through techniques or science.
Quality of life Ease or difficulty to live.
Paradigm Representation of the world or the universe.
Paradox Proposal going against common sense.
Philosophy Make assumptions about its limits in order to verify them.
Physics Science that tries to understand or explain the phenomena of the universe.
Quantum physics Physics of the infinitely small.
Relativity Science Physics of the infinitely big.
Science Set of specialities and axioms to understand and improve nature.
Sophism Argument with a fallacious logic.
System Set determined with an internal activity.
Exchange rate Difference rate between two currencies. The exchange rate creates inequalities between currencies.
Technology Study of tools and techniques.
Theory Set of explanations and concepts to understand a system.
Traffic Increased price differences.
Watt Power unit. Joules by Time.