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Knowing to Grow a Nation

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Monday 20 August 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

To know how to grow a Nation, we must first check if the conditions are fulfilled to grow it. Then we reduce the Nation to a gigantic industrial enterprise.

First of all, if there is a debt, we have to check the legitimacy of the debt. If the debt really belongs to countries, not to private banks, it is about verifying whether the country has lent the money with the intention to help repayment. Otherwise, the debt can be canceled.
If the debt belongs to the banks, it is about ordering the banks. We put in place the transparency of the banks. Deposits are separated from speculation. It’s called a Glass-Steagall, set up under Roosevelt and under De Gaulle. So financial banks go bankrupt. We then negotiate the debt with lawsuits against the banks. So there is no more debt to many banks in his country.

Then we create a public productive money. So we create a national public bank, which creates public money, according to future industrial projects. This goes from industries, through the inevitable agriculture, to major works, to promote industries and agriculture.
To check if there is a real economy of work in his Nation, we reduce our nation to a gigantic agricultural and industrial enterprise. Services must not grow faster than industries, otherwise it can weigh down industries. Services must help industries and agriculture. GDP does not contain services or traffic. The unit of measure is the Joule or the Watt, which is the working power, in other words Joules in unit of time.

Agriculture is a priority. Public money goes first to agriculture. Industries must help agriculture.

My Notes

Try to grow your country with this chapter of the Larouche-Riemann method: