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Why our society is growing
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Article published on 31 March 2019

by Matthieu Giroux

Human society has rised because of various factors. First of all Homo sapiens, since his birth, has been an increasingly creative and sensitive social individual. For example, we discovered our emotions when Descartes dissociated them. Mankind’s creativity has been revealed while mastering nature, revealing its powers. Understanding nature allowed homo sapiens’ birth. When Africa was a great desert, the first 1000 homos sapiens used tides in the African beaches, then repopulated Namibia, then populated the planet, while mastering fire, allowing to populate.

When homo sapiens is faced with a seemingly insurmountable difficulty, Homo sapiens has this amazing ability to gain immense sensitivity, which can either cause disorder or awaken a practical and cognitive creativity. That allows him to expect others and his environment.

Tidal control has created human specie. Prophets known to the human race existed in a certain way. Writings and scientific causes have also prophesied or hidden these humans, in order to reveal human truths, hiding scientific approaches.

Sensitive creativity awakens to think with others through dialogue. This dialogue, driven while solving a big problem, which could have wiped out other less prepared homos sapiens, reveals every day a truth with others. So these humans speak about faith in each other, because telling with people and the worst examples strengthen their ego, that they understand with others, revealing a creativity that they want to understand with their life and their faith.

The same dynamic could also be found among the humanity’s great discoverers and scientists. For them, glory will not really be why they are remembered, but they are remembered for their words or writings, so the reason of society to grow, in order to do as well as the life’s creator.

There is also in the human the desire to discover the unknown. Differences do not afraid Homo Sapiens. Asian has married other human species more easily. Chinese calligraphy began our philosophical journey. The Amerindian succeeded to diversify human genes discovering the most remote lands of Africa. Also African kept the greatest genetic heritage of humanity. He has this amazing faith in life, in society, in nature, in science, therefore, in spite of that have gone through. Homo sapiens has created an advanced society, mastering a difficult climate and a rich so dangerous and hard nature. The Greeks continued the human philosophical flight. By turning swamps into fields, we could, together with Africans, create in the world a new grow, through a better quality of life.

All animals are afraid of fire, except humans. This discovering has created human economy. Fire Control kept the food longer. It gave more time to think and made us trying more and more to master nature. Axes allowed sedentary, so first houses. Even so, our ancestors spent a lot of time surviving, working a lot to get little. However, humans specialized 40,000 years ago, with a better demography.

The first villages were established through livestock farming and cropping, with organized and specialized societies. After biomass’ energy, human then used breeding energy, to increase its population with less effort to provide. A society that respects its citizens allows to respect animals. Human society can only exist through the benefit of others.

File:Is Image21.png

Reconstruction of Tautavel’s man carving tools. Room dedicated to the first inhabitants of Roussillon in the Museum of prehistory of Tautavel

Then the trade created the handwriting used at first by the nobility to account for. The association between individuals and societies has grown. These various good technologies can be summarized as follows: labour saving through energy, through the association of elements, then of humans and societies.The societies that have the most control over the labour economy are also the most cultivated and the richest.

However, educated leaders are often not as sensitive as their parents, not having to solve big problems. This defect in all our societies then reveals our animal character. This defect is solved with creative and politicised population of humanity, often few in number, because to be creative requires to dialogue with others’ truth. If these people are defeated, a society or civilization is destroyed. If creative people are increased or encouraged, great industrialists and then scientists take place. Their life’s goal is created by their creative spirit, disregarding lobbies or jealous powers. This is how human society is always growing, with the writings kept by science.

Closest complementary persons or the families are, more dialogue and association will rise, more intelligible and material wealth will be discovered, more this dialogue and association will make it possible to produce high-tech and high-quality tools or goods. A society that has understood this issue will grow very quickly. Great names will be created into sensitive and creative people. Thus a society, called empire, which will individualize will be lost because human only understands himself though dialogue while linking. Links between ideas allow to link elements.

There are always elements that need to reveal their powers. There are still farms to be created, more than we can imagine. Human has this creativity that will allow his society to equal God, discovering universe’s structure.

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