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The Growth’s Culture
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Article published on 22 August 2018
last modification on 18 September 2018

by Matthieu Giroux

Currently the entertaining culture, promoted by the Beatles without realizing it themselves, is a culture where drugs inspire, in order to be more emotional. During the 30 glorious years, the culture was certainly popular, but above all progressive and oriented towards mankind’s love.

We remember best examples. Confucianism places this forward. The oligarchy is against this Confucianism, which promotes social rising with honesty, allowing then people to really enrich itself with knowledge, in order to grow. Our economy grows only through our ability to rise through knowledge.

The 30 glorious are an extension of Roosevelt’s policy in France. Someones know that Churchill lasted the Second World War, so that Roosevelt did not see the end of the Second World War. As soon as he died, the Allied forces were better efficient. The United States had got, 25 years after Roosevelt, an eveness money, allowing the poor countries to get rich, growing gold reserve. The dollar had real productive value for anyone whom had it.

The glorious 30 had a fault. Because of the variable exchange rate, we speculated on the poor countries’ debts. This variable exchange rate meant that China was dependent on its exports on 2014. The variable exchange rate leads to slavery.

However, people was lead towards commitment. It had mankind’s love. We contributed to grow to a better mankind, thanks to great works and social security in France. There was the joy to realize the creative potential. The people were happy.

During the 1970s there were a lot of politics’ murders. The persons capable to improve society have been murdered. We know that De Gaulle, the France’s president, escaped from attacks. There is also the murder of Robert Boulin, a labor minister. In the United States, Kennedy and Martin Luther King were murdered, which led Americans to believe that roguery made it possible for them to find a place in society.

There is no longer this culture of metaphor, yet present, again, on the 1980s. These poetic comparisons express the beauty, when there is truth’s research. Money’s privatization has led to poor people’s education, where creativity has not been used. Yet creativity is that distinguishes us from the animal.

Entertainment’s culture encourages the sickly impulses, leading to our faults, because overcrowded classes prevent the teacher from changing the student, whom becomes emotional with television. Emotion and fear create war. Rationality and poetry bring about peace, while there is a truth’s research, impulsed by progress.

We should all think like scientists, to act like politics. The greatest ideas were politically engaged. The inventors of these ideas knew that politics influenced them. Every civilized person acts after checking hypotheses.

Mazarin has been erased from french history books. Yet he created peace recognizing nation-states and co-growth. The peace of Westphalia by Mazarin has created a lasting peace. The oligarchy wanted to erase this memory afterwards, by promoting liberalism and Napoleon. France has become imperialist again because of Napoleon. Imperialism benefits only to a small people’s group.

The Greek culture of beauty makes it possible to understand beauty as a better future, allowing to grow human being. Now beauty is seen, at this moment, as something sensory. Beauty is however independent of our senses. For example, Beethoven created his best scores when he was deaf. Without distinguishing the beauty of our senses, we are attempted to the culture of the shorter view. Beauty is spirit’s beauty and its movement, the discoveries it gives us, to become better, seeking for truth.


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