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What is Wealth?
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Article published on 22 August 2018
last modification on 15 February 2019

by Matthieu Giroux

Manyones would like to own Robinson Crusoe’s knowledge. Indeed, he knows how to do a lot of things. Wealth is knowing how to use that you have. If you have something and you are useless, you are not rich. Rather, you are bogged down in our property.

So someone who has too much will have to make living that he has. He may then acquire people using that he has got. He will then want to own these people, to own his property. He will create slavery.

So poors can claim a redistribution according to the Jubilee economy, promoted by christians. There is also the antitrust law decided by United-States.

If we have something, that we can both repair and use, this object has a lot of value for us. We feel really rich then. Thus, we will want to own many of these objects to show our wealth. We create collections.

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