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Economy for Kids’ Book

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Sunday 31 March 2019 by Matthieu Giroux

Here is the free e-book Economy for Kids. It is also here to print it. Here or here are Sources.

Kids want to understand the society very early, when they see their parents talking about. The economy consists to understand the society’s movements, to improve this society. We give the opportunity to middle school’s children to understand real economy, which supports agriculture and industries.

The economy is physical. It depends on scientific discoveries. So everyone can or could get better in better quantities, with less effort. We are only transforming our creative world because it has created life. We rise up like creative beings, in order to improve our society.

It is possible that society’s growth, created thanks to our creativity, could go to the infinite if we abandon the greed of money, thanks to a scientific and philosophical reflection wanted by Plato.


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